Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent Calendar - Dec 2 - Holiday Foods

I think my most vivid memory of food in regards to Christmas is that the women were always afraid there wouldn't be enough and yet it seemed to last a week.

When we celebrated at home, the table was so crowded that you barely had room for your plate and silverware.  You had to watch your arm movements or you'd end up with an elbow in the gravy!

Some years we would go to a family friend's house for Christmas dinner.  There were so many people that we ate in shifts.  Usually the men ate first since the women were still working on things and, of course, so they could watch football.  The women would eat second and take a more leisurely approach, chatting about family events that had happened over the year and catching up with each other.  This would of course develop into the ladies cleaning up while the men were in the living room, mostly dozing.

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