Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Advent Calendar - Dec 7 - Holiday Parties

I preface this by saying my mother is going to strangle me for posting this story.

When President Jimmy Carter was in office, a distant relative of ours lived in the D.C. area.  She was very active in her church and called my mother to see if she would like to go with her ladies group to sign Christmas cards at the White House.  My mom was thrilled!

As a thank you, the ladies were invited back to a special reception in their honor.  They were able to tour the decorated rooms and have lunch while they were there.  My mom was served a glass of punch and proceeded to go into a coughing fit.  She didn't realize the punch had alcohol in it.  A good bit of alcohol.

The server started patting her on the back, trying to help her catch her breath, but at the same time kept trying to offer her more punch, not realizing that was what started the whole mess!

We have a lovely photo album at home, with one of the Christmas cards, signed by the President and Mrs. Carter.  There are pictures of the decorations, including Amy Carter's dollhouse.

Alas, there's no picture of Mom drinking punch.


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